Palmistry: A Quick Guide to Magic and Divination

Palmistry is the art of predicting future events using palm features The features are lines, shapes, and spots. There are psychological effects of fortune telling that are real and proven. We will take a deep dive into palmistry here.

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Do you know what divination is? It is the practice (or attempt) to get future knowledge by supernatural means. It is a means of fortune telling by attempting to predict information about someone’s life.

Divination and Palmistry are not the same as fortune telling. Fortune telling predicts someone’s fortune. Divination obtains the knowledge of the future. While both share similar methods, they serve separate purposes.

Palmistry is rather a claim of characterization. It attempts to foretell the future by studying the palm and the person.

Following, we will study the context of Palmistry in depth. This includes perception in different religions and some popular myths surrounding it.


Introduction to Palm Reading

Palmistry is a Greek Word; it is the name given to the practice of fortune telling through the study of Palm. This practice dates back to 3000 BC. Its roots lead to Ancient Hinduism. Later spreading to countries like Greece, China, Egypt, Persia, and Tibet.

This practice started to counsel people. This divination helps to get information about:

  • Emotional Tendencies
  • Fears
  • Strengths
  • Blockages

This study supports the mind-body connection. It also includes an understanding of the patterns of negative and positive thinking. The whole practice helps to learn the negative patterns that take place in someone’s mind.

Palm Reading is more of a Pseudoscience. This suggests Palm Reading is a system of theories and assumptions. These theories and assumptions are regarded as scientific only in a few contexts.


How is it used?

Palmistry says that our hands are a road map of our life. Every part of the hand has markers to point onto the map created by the nervous system. The astrological reading relates to every finger, palm lines, their position, and length.

These astrological signs help us to understand someone. These signs can be anything including skin color, thumb size, lines, shape and length of the hand.


Is there any Spiritual Concern?

Palm Reading is a form of divination and is related more to astrology than science. Religion has an interesting point of view on Divination since the beginning of time. In Modern Times, different religions have a different perspective on fortune telling. Following, we will give a quick overview of them:

  • Christianity: Christianity condemns divination. It suggests followers improve their bond with the God instead. This will bring prosperity.
  • Islam: Islam prohibits divination. Fortune telling is a revelation of the unseen (Ghaib) and relates to Sihr (Magic). Islam condemns fortune tellers and magicians.
  • Judaism: Judaism doesn’t prohibit Palmistry like Islam and Christianity. But it recommends people to stay away from it. It won’t be wrong to say Judaism is more accepting of Divination among all Abrahamic Religions.
  • Buddhism: Astrology, Psychic Readers, Tarot Cards, and Palmistry are found in Buddhist Scriptures. These practices are neither encouraged nor prohibited.
  • Hinduism: Hinduism is credited for the start of fortune telling. The Hinduism Culture encourages Divination. It promotes people to discover their life’s secrets and prepare for the future.

Many people think there are dangers associated with Palmistry. These dangers can be anything including Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual.

These risks include false medical diagnoses and predictions. It can be a disaster or death based on what the palm reader saw. Palm readers are not encouraged to predict death or severe illness from reading the palm.


Is Palmistry Witchcraft?

Palmistry is witchcraft? Image

Throughout the history, Divination is related to Witchcraft. Yet, most people view describing someone’s future by reading the wrinkles or lines on their palm as art.

Some argue that for accurate predictions, the fortune teller needs specialized knowledge. Only a true master of magic and sorcery can teach this art.

Fortune Telling and Palm Reading don’t benefit everyone. One can argue that it’s impossible for someone to predict someone’s future. This is because there is no way to authenticate such information. Neither have there been any research studies showing the merits of Palmistry. You can never tell whether the sorcerer is telling the truth or feeding you lies.

Pursuing the knowledge of your future will do you no good. You will waste your money and time. The only thing you will get out of this pursuit is frustration and depression.




Palmistry always had some myths surrounding it. We want to clear a few things about palm reading and thus, we share our findings with you:

How Long I Will Live

Your Life Line’s length doesn’t determine your lifespan. Instead, this line tells you how much energy you have. A longer lifeline means you are passionate and curious about life. Deep and strong lines mean you have the physical energy and motivation to lead a prosperous life. A short line shows you will fight for motivation, have little energy and won’t be very outgoing.

Predict Your Demise

Nothing in the universe can tell you how you will die. One of the clear reason is most people don’t want to know how they will die. The best you can hope for is early signs of a severe illness. The only way you can predict your downfall is by listening to your body.

Fate Doesn’t Change

We are not going to debate whether its possible or not. Instead, we will discuss a rare fact about palm reading. The lines of your palm will change throughout your life. The shape and size of your hand and fingers will not change (not after you finish growing).

It means when you were born, you had different personality traits. These change as you grow up because of your decisions and way of thinking changes how you lead your life.

Sometimes the only way to feel better about yourself is to stop fighting how you are.

Love Life

People love to get information about their Partner or Spouse through divination. They get curious whether their partner is faithful to them or not. They fear whether their partner loves them back or not.

These things are impossible to predict. Fortune Tellers can’t tell you about other people in your life. Instead, they can only tell you how they will affect your behavior, and conclude.

Only Three Lines

The three main lines of your palm are called the Heart Line, Head Line, and Life Line. These are the major lines in your palm. Yet, there are another ten lines which you will or won’t find. The size and shape of palm, fingers, and knuckles are essential in Palm Reading.

The palm reader can also see your fingerprints, wrist, sides of palm, fingernails, and hand temperature. They even analyze the way you shake hands with them.


The Fundamentals of Palm Reading

Palm Reading is all about the shape, size, and lines of your hand. Your fate is more of written within these lines, instead of being sealed.

Note: These lines keep changing throughout your entire life. But we are not going to argue whether this change is natural, or you force it yourself.

Following, we will describe what a fortune teller looks for when predicting your future through your hand:

The Hand

Palm Reading pays close attention to details. No one knows what can happen in your future. Instead, the best they can do is making predictions. But, these predictions depend on your hand. It is not true that both palms show the same thing.

No, they are very different, and we will explain this.

Women are born with their right hand’s line. They accumulate the left hand’s lines throughout their lifetime. Men are born with the left hand’s lines while they accumulate the right hand over their life.

You can’t choose which hand is dominant. The dominant hand has your present and past life written on it while the other hand shows your future.

Four Major Lines

Following, we are going to describe the four major lines of palm:

Heart Line: The upper top line of your hand. It lies above the mid-section of palm and extends from the thumb side to the other side of the hand in a straight line.

Head Line: Headline lies below the Heart Line. They are in the middle of your hand and doesn’t protrude in any direction.

Life Line: Life Line starts from the Bottom Mid and extends across the thumb side remaining just under the Head Line.

Fate Line: The Fate Line starts from Bottom-Mid and arches upward beyond the Heart Line (Not Everyone has it).


Interpreting These Lines

These lines are read from either, from your pinkie or thumb. The direction depends on the tradition a palm reader follows. Different lines state different characteristics of a person.

Heart Line

Palm Readers can read it from either direction. It indicates emotional stability, romantic views, depression, and cardiac issues. Following will share the basic interpretations:

  • Starts below the Index Finger: Sign of a Blissful Love Life
  • Starts below the Middle Finger: Shows The Person is Selfish
  • Starts in The Mid-Section: Shows Whether the Person can Fall in Love Quickly or Not
  • Straight and Short: Indicates the Subject is not interested in Romance
  • Touches the Life Line: Shows that the subject is prone to heartbreaks
  • Long and Curvy Heart Line: Shows Whether the Person Freely expresses his Emotions and Feelings or Not
  • Straight and Parallel to The Head Line: Shows Strong Grip on Emotions
  • Wavy Line: Sign of a Troubling Love Life
  • A Circle on the Line: Shows Depression or Sadness
  • Broken Line: A Sign of Emotional Trauma
  • Small lines crossing through heart line: Shows Emotional Trauma

Head Line

This line is related to creativity and approach. It shows the person’s intellectualism, curiosity to learn more, communication and learning style. Following, we will interpret this line:

  • Short Line: Shows the Person Yearns for Physical Achievements Instead of Mental
  • Curve or Sloping Line: A Sign of Creativity
  • Separate from Life Line: Shows the Person seeks Adventure, and is Enthusiast about Life
  • Wavy Line: Indicates the Person has Short Attention Span
  • Deep Long Line: Shows Clear Focus and Deep Thinking
  • Straight Line: Shows Realistic Thinking
  • Cross or Donuts: Shows the Person has Emotional Crises
  • Broken Head Line: Sign of Inconsistencies in Thoughts
  • Multiple Crosses on the Head Line: Indicates Momentous Decisions

Life Line

This line starts near the thumb and extends in an arc towards the wrist. It shows physical health, well being and sudden or dramatic changes in life. This includes relocation, extreme events, or severe injuries. The length of this line doesn’t translate as your lifespan. The interpretation of this line is:

  • Close to Thumb: Indicates Low Energy or Tiredness
  • Curvy Line: Suggests the Person has lots of Energy
  • Long and Deep: Shows Weak Vitality
  • Short and Shallow: Indicates The Person is Easy to Manipulate
  • Swoops in Semicircle: Shows Strength and Enthusiasm
  • Straight and Close to the Edge of Palm: Shows the Person Takes Precautions with Relationships
  • A Circle in the Line: A Sign of Injury or hospitalization
  • Multiple Life Line: Shows Strong Vitality
  • Break in the Line: A Sign of Sudden Change in Lifestyle

Fate Line

Fate Line is better known as the “Line of Destiny.” It shows much your life is affected by external forces or circumstances. No One can control these forces or elements. This line starts at the base of your palm and extends beyond the mid-section in a straight line.

You should know not everyone has this line. Below, we will share its basic interpretation:

  • Deep Line: Strong Believe in Faith (Religion or Luck)
  • Breaks or Change of Direction: It suggests External Forces will Bring Several Changes
  • Starts Joined to the Lifeline: This Shows Self-Sufficiency and Strong Aspiration
  • Joins the lifeline in the middle: Signifies the person will surrender his interest to others
  • Begins at the Thumb’s Base and Crosses Lifeline: Indicates Support (Financial, Emotional or Other) from Family or/and Friends

Other minor lines

  • SunLine: Can be seen under the ring finger. This line is parallel to the fate line. It is also known as Apollo line. A longer sun line is desired. It boosts chances of success, thus also called the line of success.
  • Girdle of Venus: It can be seen floating above the heart line. This line is often not a continuous one. It has various co-relations from people to people. The line is associated with restlessness, unease, while also being associated with creative depth and sensitivity on many occasions.
  •  Union Lines: These are found above the marriage line. They indicate close relationships.

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