Why Miley Cyrus Will Make You Question Everything

The world has suffered enough after Miley Cyrus hosted the 2015 MTV Video Music awards. There were thousands of electrifying moments if not more. Before we get to that lets have a little recap.

It all started in 2006 after Disney came up with its TV show Hannah Montana. This one might the last image on this article that won’t offend one, or create some sort of Humour.

Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana

Speaking of the 2015 MTV awards, there was an on-stage drama with Nicki Minaj, lots of CRAZY outfits and collection of Jaw-Dropping events. She was so aware about all of this that she said she was sure this was the last time MTV let her host.

Miley Cyrus Outfit

Miley Cyrus Outfit

Getting into the mood lets have a highlight of what all went on at the MTV VMA 2015.

We know for sure that she smoked the finest of what was available on the planet. Miley went straight trolling everyone including the production and censors leaving them to wonder about airing the event.

Here are the outright craziest moments from her journey:

  1. When she arrived wearing essentially nothing.
    Miley Cyrus Posing at MTV VMA

    Miley Cyrus Posing at MTV VMA


  2. When she had Nicki Minaj call her Bitch right on front of audience during live performance.
  3. When she asked “Are my T*TS out” during her quick change. 😀
  4. When she wore this outfit.
    Miley-Gay-SupportOkay we give this to her. She was actually supporting Gay Community. Ironically.
  5. Another Outfit.
  6. Introducing Jared Leto as “The woman i had my first lesbian experience with” and another WTF outfit.
    Miley, Jared Leto

    Miley, Jared Leto

  7. When she did something with Something. 😀


No one was surprised anymore with her naked poses ( while we might wonder if she isn’t naked ) when she decided to take it to the next level. There were countless social media posts which got so obvious at one time that they didn’t seem controversial.

She did her best by Smoking weed, Licking, showing off sex toys and posing in a variety of gold quality humorous covers for Candy Magazine. Here is some of that,


Some of the shoots are too offensive to be included here. Take a look here. https://twitter.com/MileyRayKingdom/status/665218229728604160/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Just when you thought what more can she couldn’t offend on any higher level, she was back.

Few days back she had her performance starting off Chicago Dead Petz tour with her most insane look to date.

She wore a sparkling purple wig, a non-discernable b**b bikini and gigantic penis. If you are by any means offended you might wan’t to return back leaving here.


Please note that she was in fact wearing the bikini, which came out to be too realistic to post here. RIP Hannah Montana.



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