When The World Wept : Syrian Crisis

Horrifying images of a drowned kid had created a lot of buzz on the Internet couple of weeks back. The kid was washed off to a beach in Turkey and was later identified as Alan Kurdi, a three years old Syrian kid. He along with his family comprising of a brother and parents had fled from Syria in search of solace. Due to the ongoing war in Syria, thousands of Syrians are fleeing away from their country in search of better living.

Alan’s father Abdullah Kurdi had planned to end up their stressful journey in Canada where his sister Teema Kurdi has been working for the last 20 years as a hairdresser. They started off their journey from Syria and had to sail all across Turkey to meet up to their planned destination, but unfortunately, the boat they were sailing on capsized and all the family members died except Abdullah Kurdi. Alan’s elder brother Ghalib Kurdi was also found dead couple of steps away from where Alan’s body was found. Alan’s mother also could not make it to the safe land. The boat they were sailing on had twelve people and all of them died except Abdullah Kurdi. After the boat capsized, Abdullah held his wife and his son but later he realized that they are no more.

Aylan Kurdi Image

Alan Kurdi Image

The whole story of struggle of Abdullah Kurdi is very upsetting, the challenges he had to face to provide his family with some basic resources is not a fairy tale and unfortunately the sad part the end of this story is very distressing. Abdullah had moved to Turkey alone in search of a good job and his family was still in Kobane, Syria. He was struggling to get the work permit as he did not had his legal documents with him. The place he was sharing with other Syrian people was demanding more money than his daily wages, it was getting difficult day by day to earn money for himself as well as for his family. The manager of the basement factory where he was working let him and other fellow workers use his basement for accommodation. Then Abdullah decided to bring his family to Turkey. They all were sleeping in the basement. Couple of days later he rented a house on the name of his boss but it was getting tougher and tougher day by day for him to manage his family on his meagre wages. He sent his family back to Kobane and let himself struggle in Istanbul. Then the war had broken out in Syria and Abdullah succeed to rescue his family from the turmoil of war and he took his family with him to Istanbul. He also had managed to save enough money to rent a house for his family. Good days were near for the Kurdi family, they managed to get a house on rent in Istanbul which had one room, double bed and a sofa which also had 32 inch television. They were living happily and Abdullah’s sister from Canada was also sending some money to support her brother. People who knew the family in Istanbul are very angry and sad about the step that Abdullah had taken to sail all the way to Greece. Abdullah always had this in his mind to move to Canada permanently where his sister was living but was never convinced to migrate through sailing. But his out of the blue decision to hire a boat and move to Greece along with his family for a temporary stay shook everybody in Istanbul. After a long ordeal, finally they were living a happy life, everything seemed perfect until Abdullah took the decision to move to Greece. Abdullah always had a goal in his mind to settle down in Canada but through legal procedure,  he said that he applied an application to government officials of Canada to grant them a visa but they denied. Later the Canadian officials declined Abdullah’s statement that he had applied an application. Many theories also suggest that Abdullah himself was a people smuggler and he himself was riding the boat. Iraqi mother Zainab Abbas, 32, whose own children also drowned, said Abdullah was taking a cut of the money her family had paid for the crossing. Later when asked about this twist in the story, Abdullah denied the allegations by saying that why would he himself smuggle his own family and take such a risk? Abdullah’s quest for better life was practical and quite logical that the kids might not had been able to have access to education and medical resources, but at what cost?

Aylan’s disturbing and horrifying images went Viral on the Internet and the whole world wept along with Abdullah Kurdi. This unfortunate event changed the stand of many European nations. Many European countries opened their arms to the refugees. First and foremost nation who came ahead and welcomed the refugees was Germany. UN high commissioner also praised the policy which has been developed by the Germans. The response from Germany is this crisis is remarkable and admirable,  their overwhelming response to the refugees delighted the whole world. One of the towns in Germany even threw a party for all the refugees which were quite astonishing. While on the other side Hungary detained the refugees on the Syria border. They are using tear gas on the border to stop refugees from entering their territory.

Aylan’s photo brought in a new revolution in this crisis hit the world. This world will never see the refugees with the same perceptive as they use to see before this painful event. The world came together after this event and changed their stance on they look up to the refugees. This place will never be able to cope up with the loss of a three years old toddler who had no idea why is he being punished. Let’s hope and pray that no more such petrifying events take place and let’s take a pledge to make this world a better place to live.

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