Today in History: July 27

Events by Year

  • 1921: Sir Fredrick Banting and Charles Best are one of the first to isolate insulin. This happened at the university of Toronto. They were later awarded Nobel prize, as inventors of insulin.
  • 1941: Japan invades Indian and Chinese regions during World War 2.
  • 1986: Gregory James becomes the first american and non-European to win Tour de France.
  • 1996: Explosion of a bomb at Atlanta Olympics kills two and injures dozens.


  • 1870: Hilaire Belloc, born in France, was a well known English novelist and essayist during 20th century. He also was president of  the Oxford union.
  • 1942: Bobby Gentry, singer for “Ode to Billy Joe”, who later has 8 Grammy nominations and 3 wins for the same song.

Major Events

Korean War Ends, 1953

After taking up more than 5 million lives, the Korean war formally ends on Juny 27 after signing of the peace pact at Panmunjom. The war will create tensions between the North and Southern states and have lasting effects. The narrative built up by the State in North Korea can still be seen today in the form of isolation and despise towards United States and the South.

The war was fought between North Korea with Soviet Union and China as allies, and South Korea with United States as ally. It was one of the few events of conflict that occurred after WW2.

Read more on Korean War at Wikipedia.



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