The Refugee Crisis in an Absolute Deadlock

In the midst of which film will be sent to the Oscars for the best foreign language film category, the world is heading towards a major refugee crisis. Europe which is on the brink of it’s worst economic condition something more horrible thing is waiting for them. Thousands of people from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, and many other countries are migrating to European countries in search of a better future. It is said that this is the biggest forced migration in terms of people has taken place since world war 2. Citizens from these war struck countries are forced to move to another place to save their lives. Their desperation to reach a safe country can easily be concluded from the five major unfortunate events that took place, in which the boats that were carrying refugees capsized due to overweight on every occasion. Almost 1,200 migrants died in that event. The route to reach Europe through the Mediterranean Sea is full of peril and hardly has anyone been successful. The most recent casualty that was caused due to the capsizing of a boat was of a three-year-old toddler Aylan Kurdi. The whole world was shaken by the incident and became more sympathetic towards the refugees.

Most of the refugees are from Syria. Due to the ongoing war in Syria between the Islamic State terrorist group and the armed forces of Syria, citizens are constantly feeling the sense of insecurity, and to add more worry to their plight, the emergence of Islamic state terrorist group is a big threat to the world peace. Their brutal and non-merciful methods of causing atrocities on citizens are quite bizarre. On the other side of the world, in Nigeria, a new terrorist group has come into the existence. The name of the group is Boko Haram. Boko Haram is an active terrorist organization which operates mainly in African countries especially in Nigeria. In 2014, a heinous act was carried out by Boko Haram when they had kidnapped 276 schoolgirls and never to be released again. The chief leader of Boko Haram later stated that all the girls are forced into slavery. This unfortunate event got attention from all over the world, where everyone was pleading to this terrorist organization to free the girls. They are considered even more deadly and cruel than ISIS. Using a 10-year-old kid as a suicide bomber and forcing children into slavery is a very basic practice for Boko Haram. Even their emergence is causing a lot of trouble and their recent collation with other terrorist organizations is a big wake up call for all the concerned countries.


Right now Europe itself is struggling with it’s falling economy in the global market. Most recently Greece had to pay a big price when the country went into debt and was officially sacked from the European Union, because of the unstable economy of Europe, people are finding it difficult to get a job and earn some money for themselves and for their family. Almost every European country is in debt or is fighting this economic crisis. Unemployment rates are very high in the European countries. Now countries which hardly have any population are struggling with the unemployment problems. Now, a massive influx of migrants in European nations has been spotted. The countries which are unable to feed their own citizens are now burdened with the responsibility of refugees who do not have any legal documents or any work offer but because they do not have anywhere else to go will be obliged to stay in that respective country. So this will be a huge challenge for all the European nations to deal with the influx of migrants and the rising unemployment rates.

Now every country has adopted a different strategy to tackle this crisis. Hungary has been very hostile to their refugee policy which does not let anyone from the refugees step into their country. Their attitude towards the refugees has been very unwelcoming right from the start of this crisis. Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban even stated that their policy on this issue is very clear they will not let anyone come into this country and will do anything to stop this influx. They will not even shy away from using their armed forces. While on the other hand, Germany has shown an overwhelming response to this crisis especially after the Alan Kurdi’s incident. Even the United Nations came ahead and praised Germany’s refugee policy. Germany has cleared its stance on the issue by giving a hardcore reply to all critics by stating that they will welcome 8,00,000 refugees by the end of this year. A German town even threw a party for all the refugees. The hospitality that Germany has shown to this refugees is commendable. They have not only opened doors for the refugees but are also providing quality services to the refugees. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has shown brilliant conviction by giving shelter to these refugees. Britain is seen a bit hesitant in accepting the migrants. To tackle this crisis, Britain must come forward and take more refugees under their shadow. So far their policy has not been vocal of their intention. After much debate, British prime minister David Cameron assured that they will be accepting 20,000 Syrian refugees from Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. The United States of America also gave a lukewarm response to this whole issue, they have assured that they will boost the number of migrants to be entered in the country from 30,000 to  1,00,000 by 2017 which won’t help much to resolve this crisis. They didn’t even clear how many of them will be Syrians.

We hope this crisis be resolved as soon as possible because the refugees who are migrating are going through so many adversities that even have forgotten their identity. What is their wish? What do they want? These questions are often hurled against them and their answer to all these questions has always been the same that is ‘for their children’s future’.

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