Moto X Force Dual Sim from Single Sim Conversion

Moto X Force recently went on sale with huge price cuts in Indian region. The device that is available here is the European version of Moto X Force. The device is solid for the price but sadly does not support Dual Sim cards out of the Box.

After a little digging around we soon found out that the device actually has hardware and Modem capable of supporting dual sim cards. The firmware here limits the device from running dual sim.

Points to be noted here for Moto X Force (XT1580):

  • Moto X force hardware is capable of Dual Sim cards.
  • Mexican and Brazilian versions of Moto X force support Dual Sim out of the Box.
  • The device can be rooted to have 2 sim cards running.


Steps to convert your Moto X Force (XT1580) to a Dual Sim device:

Initial Setup:


  • Unlocked Bootloader
  • Custom Recovery such as TWRP installed.

Note: Unlocking Boot-loader permanently voids the Warranty. It is also not recommended for normal users. If you have never heard of Unlocking Bootloader or Rooting, its better to stay away and safe.

Before starting, you need ADB and Fastboot drivers. Install from here.

To unlock Bootloader, first go to Developer Settings. If Developer settings are not visible, try tapping Build Number in About Phone, to unlock Developer Options. Inside Developer Options tick Enable OEM unlocking. Now Power Off the device. Press Power Button + Volume Down together to access fastboot and follow below link to unlock the device.


After Unlocking Bootloader, install TWRP. TWRP is a custom recovery that will help us do further tweaking. Again, if you are unsure what you are doing, stop here. We will not be responsible for any damages caused to your device. Follow this guide and install TWRP onto your Moto X Force.

Moto X Force Dual Sim Conversion


Enabling Dual Sim:

Assuming that you already have unlocked Bootloader and TWRP installed, lets proceed. I also assume that you know your way around using Fastboot to send commands using PC. Optionally factory reset your phone first. Make sure the device has booted at least once after unlocking bootloader.

Moto X force has a modem that cannot support dual LTE. Supported modes:

  1.  LTE + 2G
  2. 3G + 2G

Download this file: fsgDSDS.7z

Extract to get fsgDSDS.mbn

(All credits for this guide go to XDA user TeddyBeers. Drop a thank you if you want to. )


  • Boot into TWRP.
  • Create a complete backup of your phone (for things can go south anytime).
  • Go to TWRP terminal and type EXACTLY this: setprop dsds
  • Run the command.
  • If no error appears, this went well and your phone your is almost Dual Sim.
  • Now Boot directly to Fastboot from TWRP.
  • Keeping the File downloaded in the same location as Fastboot, Run the following command: fastboot flash fsg fsgDSDS.mbn
  • Erase modem and cache by there commands:
    • fastboot erase modemst1
    • fastboot erase modemst2
    • fastboot erase cache
  • Done.

Power on your device and you should see Dual Sim Options available. If you want to see the original post in XDA, follow this link.

NOTE: Moto X Force only comes with default 1 IMEI. Some networks might not work without IMEI. We’ve tested popular Indian ISPs and most did work. Do not try to add/Alter IMEI. It is a criminal offense.

If you have any doubt, drop a comment below.

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