Invincible NGO Review: Dalhousie Trip

Recently i returned from a trip to Dalhousie managed by Invincible NGO. Dalhousie is a popular hill station located at Himachal Pradesh which was established by British as a summer retreat. This can be seen by the Victorian architecture prevalent in the buildings. Tourism is to the level that the the town counts for 13% GDP of the state. The major attractions at Dalhousie are Dainkund Peak, Khajjiar, Gandhi Chowk Market, Kalatop Forest.

Overall Verdict: The trek is great. If one is not accustomed to walk a great deal, one might face some challenges. Try to warm-up a bit by exercising for a few days before the tour.

Food can be “not so good” at times at the camp. Also don’t expect a luxurious stay and facilities. 

Recommended items to carry: Sleeping Bag. Rucksack. Medication (Basic), 4-5 pair of loose comfortable clothes and socks. Power Bank. Rugged shoes. Toothbrush, Towel, Basic Oil-free snacks for Train Travel etc. Try to avoid unnecessary weight.

NGO Phone: 090994 00699


Dalhousie Image from Brochure

Dalhousie Image from Brochure

Coming down straight to what you’ve got on Invincible NGO:

The NGO is lead by Rushiraj Mori who is the managing trustee. Rushiraj has sound leadership skills and a record of experience that is notable. He also was the youngest climber to submit Mt Gangotri III ( 21, 920 ft ) and holds the record of being the one having taken Bhagwad Gita to the highest Altitude. Here is a brief overview of what Invincible NGO has t offer at Dalhousie Camp.

Camping Experience

Overall camping experience was good. There is a camp-site at Kalatop and another at Talai. Locations ( Khajjiar and Dainkund ) are to be headed from Kalatop camp site by foot. Khajjiar is a 11 km+ journey through woods with a track that might seem unconquerable to some which is worth the effort. Trekking will not seem difficult to most as no heavy luggage was to be carried. The path will pass through mountains with mesmerizing scenery. One find locations that that serve as a metaphor to one of those movie locations like in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where an ambience of serenity is served. Pine tress surround Kalatop and the trekking path comprises of a range of alpine trees and Deodar ( Cedrus Deodara, Himalayan Deodar ) trees.


Travel experience may vary in accordance to the site and scenario. The route goes to Pathankot Junction from Kalupur, Ahmedabad through Jammu-Tawi express. One can choose sleeper coach as suggested by management or manage the travel up to Pathankot/Dalhousie and meet up directly at the camp. Short routes are to be headed by Bus / Jeep an details vary.

Food and Facilities

Food may vary from camp to camp so i may not comment on absolute quality. The food available was of average quality in our camp, not anything to be concerned of. The facilities can be improved at some events.


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