How to learn Vedic Maths at home

Vedic Maths also known as quick maths is a collection of various tricks that can help one make faster calculations on a specific set of problems. Quick mathematical calculations are easy to carry out, not being as complex as rocket science. Any ordinary student can learn them at home, through online course either visual or written.

What is Vedic Maths ?

Traditionally Vedic Maths is a ancient art of Indian Mathematics which was re-discovered in the 20th century. It deals with various word formulas making a total of sixteen-sutras. These all help in making complex calculations progress with ease with most of the problems solved in a single line.

To put the truth frankly, there is nothing vedic about the so called Vedic Maths. It was originally a book published on Quick Mathematics by Bharati Krishna Tirthaji in the year 1965 that started the trend. Bharati Krishna Tirthaji’s book clearly says in the initial introduction that this book is not based on Vedic Maths. All the normal decimal mathematical calculations like multiplication and division were originated from India. I’am not insisting on this fact because of my nationality. More on this in another discussion. Let us stay on the fact that approach popularly known as Vedic Mathematics is a metaphor for Mental Mathematics. has a huge collection of data and videos on the topic. They also have a growing community on the subject. Visit them to have a look.

Learning Vedic Maths

Learning Vedic Maths

There are the following options on learning Vedic Maths at home online:

  • E-Book
  • Hard Book ( Printed )
  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • Session with tutors

Learning Vedic or Quick Maths from E-Books

It might not be a surprise that there are hundreds of books on quick maths / vedic maths. If you are planning to teach vedic maths to others in seminars or learning sessions, it might make sense that you read proper content and research the topic well in completeness.

Below are good examples of books that one can refer from home to learn vedic maths:

  • Vedic Mathematics for Schools – Books 1, 2 and 3:
    This series is aimed at high school students and covers calculations, equations, coordinate geometry, and host of other aspects. Book is authored by James T. Glover.
  • Learn and Teach Vedic Mathematics:
    Though this book seem might complex to some, it covers all the aspects of Vedic Mathematics and also the approaches to how they evolved. It also covers Vedic Philosophy with inner principles behind the short-cuts. Recommended for those interested to have insight on the topic.
  • Modern Approach to Speed Math Secret: Key to Master Speed Math:
    This work is a popular book on speed maths. Read the google play page for details.


Tutorials and Videos

There are countless tutorials on the internet that one can take a look on from your home instead of joining a class or course of some kind, or reading a full book. Check out popular websites on education,, or head directly to Youtube to find the video that suits your need.

Quicker calculations can help people in many fields and if needed, one can surely take a look at one of these videos or tutorials.

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  • Wikipedia for the information on Vedic Mathematics ( book ).

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