Driving Tests Compared Globally

Driving test is a way of testing a rider’s ability to drive any particular vehicle. There are various norms as to who can apply considering Age, Knowledge and Country. Here is a short script that shows how different countries appoint various mechanisms for testing driving abilities.

Buckle up for driving test

Buckle up for driving test


You can apply for a provisional license at an age of 16 but can’t start lessons until you turn 17. With a provisional license you must display L-plates but can drive accompanied by a driver who is aged 21 or older. You have to pass the theory test and this certificate lasts for 2 years during which you have to pass the practical test. The pass rate is currently 47%.


The driving laws in USA vary from state to state. Some places issue permits to teenagers as young as 14, while other states force you to wait till 21. However all learners must complete a six-month graduated license program before they are allowed to drive on the roads accompanied by a person aged 21 or above.



To drive gear-less vehicle or a vehicle having less than 50 cc engine power, minimum age required is 16 while for all rest other vehicles it should be minimum 18 years. First you have to pass a theory test mostly conducted online and after that you have to pass a practical test within 6 months to get your license.


Gaining a license in Mexico is easier compared to other countries. As soon as you are above 18 years you can buy a license for £28. As Mexico City is densely populated and due to lack of proper driving tests, accidents are much often here.


You can obtain a learner license after 16 by registering yourself with a driving school and passing a 20 hours practical test and then you can give a theory test. Passing the theory test you will get a three-year certificate which allows you to drive accompanying an adult. After turning 18 and driving 3000 km accompanied you can get your license. Learners are restricted to 110 km/h.


Getting license in japan is tougher compared to other countries. Pass rate is even below 35%. The track is designed as a real road. Driver will instantly fail if speed exceeds 30 km/h. Candidate can also fail if he fails to stop at traffic light or for not staying far enough in the lane.

South Africa:

It’s even tougher to get a license in SA. After completing 18 and passing a yard test, you’ve to give a road test in which you can lose points for not checking below the car for oil leakage or for not using the handbrake every time you stop. Also u can fail if your car slides back a few inches. The pass rate is just 39%.

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