Beyond the bookish world

In the era of fast growing culture, we’re still bounded by the barriers.

Education is a basic human right. We are still unaware of the importance of education. We still don’t want girl child to go to school because she is made up for household work. And if we understand the value of the education we’re so desperate to show the society the superiority of marks our child get. Let me clarify you, Education is beyond the bookish knowledge. It is beyond the marks and pressurized studies.

Education is not about a degree or just passing out but it is about how much you learn, how much you master the subject you love, how much you become aware of the things going around you. Parents often forget that children have their own dreams. they began to burden the small shoulders with expectations. They stop them doing what they love either because of the gender discrimination still prevailing in the society or either they think they don’t have brains to think about themselves. But parents must understand one thing is to

“ Let their tiny wings broaden up and fly in their air filled with the dreams they want to fulfill.” Parents fear their child to suffer struggling they all want their child to be CEO of the big company.

But they are forgetting that to be successful one must learn to fall.

With every failure you learn something, you come to know your faults, You learn to correct yourself, you learn to stand on your own.

Doing something you love and failing in it gives a personal satisfaction of “ At least I had tried for something I love.” Dreams are something which is not seen by choice. Either writing, dancing, engineering, artist, web developing, singing or anything. Don’t stop your child from pursuing their dreams. Do you want your child to live with a regret of not trying?? Or want them to do what they love and learn about the life.

Stopping your child because she is a girl is a worst possible way to make her feel guilty for coming into the world. She is a girl so what?

She deserves to be studying like a man. She deserves to get equal opportunities as a man. Remember my words, “SHE IS NOT BORN TO GET MARRIED.” She deserves to live as she wants to.  She is a human, not an animal. Don’t forget to respect her birth after all you needed a womb to be in this world then why are discriminating between boy and girl child?

Education is a necessity in the 21st century. Education doesn’t only means that studying the books in the syllabus. To get an education means to learn the moral values, learn about different things in the world. But the education system has nowadays become a burden for the students that they have forgotten the real meaning of it. We’re running behind the marks rather than concepts. We’re just learning for the sake of doing it. We don’t love the subject but we choose it because of the overrated reviews people speak. Why don’t we understand we need a world which is not just full of engineers and doctors but it also has a painter to draw, writer to write, scientist to explore space and much more. Moreover, we need humans spending each second on the work they love not the robots doing any random work they don’t have any idea about.

Students must learn it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to take time to find your passion and following it but don’t waste time over things you hate. Education of the field you love makes you more interested in it.

We fail, we cry,
We hope that we rise
But not ready to
work Until we die
We want to sit and grow and arise
Being unaware of hard work’s real price
Everyone sit and dream
And when they  fail they scream
Leaving procrastination
For their ambition is what they can’t do
Because all they can do is sit, dream, cry and ado
Failing isn’t a crime
Until your growing up and learning
Is a target prime


– Jahnvi Raol

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