Bangladesh to have $3 billion gas supplies set up by Reliance

During Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Bangladesh, Reliance Power signed a MoU asserting that the company will set up a Floating Natural Gas unit with an annual volume capacity of 2 million tonnes and a power plant with 3000 MW capacity.

File Image of Reliance Group Chairman Anil Ambani. Photo: Bloomberg

Reliance Power will set up the project within 3 years of the power purchase agreement using similar equipment that was contracted for Samalkot Project in Andra Pradesh. The equipment used will be standard, with appropriate warranties from General Electric and other leading global suppliers.

With the equipment ready in hand, Reliance is prepared to have the Project ready in Bangladesh as soon as possible. The LPG gas plant is said to be one of the largest foreign investment in Bangladesh.

It is notable that the total generation capacity from the data of Bangladesh Power Development Board is currently 11203 MW, with the additional 3000 MW capacity aid proving to be vital.

It is notable that BPDP is responsible for most of the generation and distribution of power in Bangladesh. The board looks forward to extend the total capacity to make it double of the current capacity.

Reliance added that it might take around 13-17 months to fully complete construction of plants after final agreements have been reached. The demand of power in Bangladesh far exceeds supply. The total production of power is way beyond capacity and deficit of about 1500 MW is in state. This deal positively aims at aiding Bangladesh and improving relations with the neighboring state.

During Narendra Modi’s Dhaka visit, accompanied by West Bengal chief minister Mamta Banerjee 40 year old land boundary agreement was also formalized which will enable the two countries to exchange land enclaves. The deal is aimed at improving relations with Bangladesh and acquiring of domains by India. The states that reportedly fall under this agreement are Assam, Tripura, West Bengal and Meghalaya.


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