4 Bollywood Movies Banned in Pakistan Unreasonably

The cold war between India and Pakistan is a one that doesn’t seem to go away easily. The two countries are always on the edge and up for a debate. Be it politics or entertainment, there is always a reason for quarrel.

These banned movies are so “Not Offensive” that you will be surprised to hear their names. There are numerous movies banned in Pakistan on basis of threat to nation and religion, but banning these was insane.

After the ban on Phantom, Pakistani T.V. actor Faisal Qureshi led out his Anti-India views. Despite everything you’ll find the video below humorous. Watch out:



Recently Phantom was banned in Pakistan following Baby. Its the second movie by director Kabir Khan himself to get banned in Pakistan. Interestingly the ban was followed after alleged terrorist and mastermind behind 26/11 Mumbai attacks filed a petition in Pakistani court, suggesting that the movie might create possible threat to his life. ( LOL ).

Movies like Baby, Phanton, Ek Tha Tiger, David, Lahore, Agent Vinod, The Dirty Picture, Jab Tak Hai Jaan were banned as well.

You might see a pattern here. Any movie that remotely shows Kashmir, Pakistan, Muslims ( No Offence ) , Bombings, ISI, or even mentions anything related to Pakistan is likely to get banned. They have some pretty strict requirements when it comes to Indian Movies.


Here is a list of Indian movies that were banned in Pakistan for “Not so logical” reasons. Check out!


  1. Khiladi 786

    Khiladi 786 Banned in Pakistan

    Khiladi 786 Banned in Pakistan

    The movie was banned in Pakistan because of the number 786. Firstly the poster of the movie was banned in Pakistan, followed by its trailer and finally the movie. This is because 786 is a sacred number for Muslims which might have hurt some religious sentiments.

  2. Chennai Express

    Chennai Express Banned on Releasing

    Chennai Express Banned on Releasing

    Chennai Express was to be released on Eid. Apparently 4 major Pakistani movies were supposed to be released on that day. Not to harm the business of regional movies, exhibitors and distributors halted the release of movie.

  3. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

    Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Poster

    Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Poster

    The movie was initially banned in Pakistan. One will personally be shocked to hear this. The ban was laid due to the reason that in the movie, Milkha Singh refuses to go to Pakistan due to the impression that his family was murdered in Pakistan during partition. The ban was later taken off by censor board.

  4. Raanjhanaa

    Raanjhanaa Poster

    Raanjhanaa Poster

    Raanjhanaa is a movie that crafts a innocent personality who falls in love during his childhood. The movie eventually goes towards a dark ending.
    One cannot imagine any possible reason for banning this movie. It was perfectly portrayed and culturally balanced. Yet the movie was banned in Pakistan saying that it is based on controversial theme.

    In their exact words i quote, the film portrayed an inappropriate image of Muslim girl falling in love with Hindu man.


Please note that we no not mean to directly or indirectly hurt any individuals sentiments. User discretion advised.

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